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Lesco Lawn Fertilizer

Lesco is a brand of fertilizers and lawn care items that offer the greatest quality active ingredients in a sluggish release from to offer much better nutrition for yards.

Why Choose Lesco Fertilizer Products

For one basic factor we utilize just Lesco Lawn Fertilize items ... they are the very best. It holds true that not all fertilizers are developed equivalent. The more affordable bag of fertilizer that you acquire form a Big Box shop will certainly have far less active component and in fact not be last as long as comparable Lesco Products.

These values inform you the percent of Phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium consisted of within the fertilizer. In a 50 pound bag of Lesco Products fert with those numbers you would have 5 pounds N, 2.5 pounds of P and K.

How Does Nitrogen Work Within Fertilizers

Even if you discover a 50lb bag of fertilizer for $20 do the mathematics and figure out how much you are paying per pound of Nitrogen. Items with lower values and quantities of Nitrogen will certainly need more item which not just enhances your expense however likewise substantially enhances the opportunities of the item running off your lawn and infecting the water supply.

Lesco Lawn Fertilizer items are created to satisfy the special requirements of your lawn and many fertilizers include their special polyplus formula which permits the granular to be gradually launched into your grass instead of breaking down instantly which can trigger burning and areas in your turf. The layered sluggish release fertilizers break down gradually and feed the lawn for a higher quantity of time.

Granular fertilizers (like Lesco) are specifically created to launch the impacts of the item during a a lot longer time. This has 2 helpful results for your lawn:

  1. Avoids burning the lawn
  2. Offers longer term advantages

By utilizing the trademarked continual release formula you basically are getting longer term control and advantages to your lawn.

Where to Purchase Lesco Lawn Fertilizer

Just recently John Deere Landscapes took over the Lesco brand and now offers their item line at their landscape shops along with their complete line watering and other lawn care items. House Depot likewise brings a little line of Lesco, however they do not have a full line nor do they have the understanding base that you will typically discover at a John Deere shop to assist you discover the precise ideal thing you require to get your lawn looking!
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