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St. Augustine Grass Fertilizer

Exactly what is the finest fertilizer for St. Augustine grass? One crucial element of St. Augustine upkeep is following the best fertilizer schedule.

Quantity of Fertilizer

St. Augustine is a heavy feeder. It requires at least one pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet, per month to remain equally green.

pH and Nutrient Uptake

St. Augustine Grass Fertilizer
The pH of the soil impacts nutrient uptake, not simply for iron, however for a broad variety of macro and micro nutrients in the soil. If the pH of the soil is too high, you can include sulfur to the soil. If you have actually remedied the turf and the ph blades are not dry, however are a yellow color, that is an indicator that you require to make use of a foliar iron spray on the lawn.

Kind of Fertilizer.

The quantity of nitrogen in fertilizer is shown by the very first number in the fertilizer analysis on the bag or container of fertilizer. A 10-5-5 fertilizer is 10 % nitrogen active component. If you have plenty of soil phosphorous and potassium in your soil, use a 10-0-0 or a 20-0-0 fertilizer.

When to Apply Fertilizer.

Fertilizer used at a time when the yard is not actively growing is fertilizer down the drain, actually. The yard will certainly be inactive throughout this time, and the fertilizer will certainly seep out of the soil and into the groundwater. Making use of the finest fertilizer for St. Augustine grass will certainly go a long method towards keeping this yard healthy.
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