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Lawn Fertilizer Spreader Buying Guide

Fertilizer Spreader Basics

The fundamentals of fertilizer spreaders-- likewise understood as lawn spreaders-- are comparable, regardless of the design. As you move the spreader over your lawn, the item drops through an opening or series of openings onto the lawn.

  • A push spreader or walk-behind spreader is a wheeled design helpful for covering a whole lawn. As the wheels turn, they engage a system that gives the item.
  • A tow-behind spreader is a large-capacity, wheeled design that connects to a suitable riding lawn mower or all-terrain automobile. Like press spreaders, the turning wheels engage the dispersing system. Some tow-behind gadgets consist of both a spreader and an aerating element, permitting you to manage 2 lawn-care jobs with one accessory.
  • A portable spreader is a compact, crank-operated design-- a reliable alternative for usage on a little lawn or for fixing bare areas in a lawn.

You can discover spreaders that do not need you to put item into the hopper; you merely pack the plan onto the spreader, lock it in location and start using the product. There's no requirement for adjusting. These spreaders do not deal with items not particularly created for them, so ensure you buy the appropriate item.

All spreaders utilize either a broadcast or drop system to distribute product.

Broadcast Spreaders

Broadcast or rotary spreaders disperse item over big locations rapidly. Without appropriate interest and strategy, the spreader can spread product into the incorrect location-- such as a next-door neighbor's lawn, the street or a flowerbed. The further away from the spreader the product takes a trip, the lighter the protection, so you require to overlap passes to spread out the item uniformly.

Drop Spreaders

Drop spreaders use seed and lawn-care items with higher precision. The enhanced precision of drop spreaders makes them great prospects for yards that consist of growing beds, however the distribution pattern is reasonably little, so you might require to make more passes to cover a lawn.

Using a Fertilizer Spreader

Guidelines for utilizing a spreader differ by design and the product you're spreading out. Some basic ideas are below, however constantly follow the guidelines for your certain items.

  • Calibrate the spreader according to the producer's requirements. Follow the distribution rate and pattern showed on the seed or lawn-care item packaging.
  • Load the spreader on a walkway or driveway.
  • When utilizing a spreader, - Move at a stable rate.
  • When you make turns or stop, - Close the spreader opening.
  • You can get excellent protection with a broadcast spreader by using item in a crisscross pattern. Lower the application setting by half and make a pass over the lawn. Make a 2nd pass over the lawn that runs perpendicular to the very first pass.
  • Sweep up any product on surface areas such as driveways and pathways. Put it into the hopper and use it to your lawn.
  • Some lawn-care items are caustic and can promote corrosion. Make use of a garden hose to clean the spreader after each usage. After it's dry and clean, use a light device oil to metal parts in the wheels and spreader system.
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